Love for Others. We desire to serve and care for people in our communities and lives, and to see them become followers of Jesus.

Godly Leadership. We appreciate servant leadership that guides us to be more faithful to Jesus and His Word, and we honor our leaders with our support and prayers.

Authentic Relationships. We believe genuine relationships with other followers of Jesus are an important part of spiritual growth, so we share life’s joys and struggles as we all strive to be more faithful to Him.

Church Unity. As a church, we are family and seek to maintain and strengthen unity as we love, serve, and forgive one another.

Worship. We desire to show everyone the worth of Jesus with our entire lives, through our beliefs, attitudes, actions and words.

The Family. We understand the importance of the nuclear family as the biblical foundation for both our society and our church. We see the home as the primary place where Christian discipleship takes place.

Local and World Missions. We strive to share the good news of Jesus with the entire world, from our own personal communities to the ends of the earth.

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